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Revealed: The Coronation Street star cycling TEN MILES A DAY!

Coronation Street
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Watch out, Chris Froome…

As lockdown continues, plenty of people are talking about getting fit. But some people are ACTUALLY DOING IT including a certain Coronation Street star!

Yep, one of those putting us to shame is Julia Goulding, better known as Shona Platt, who is currently cycling ten miles every day.

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Julia's looking after her physical and mental health by getting on her bike

The 35 year old, who gave birth to son Franklin last November – her first child with teacher husband Ben Silver - tells us: “We’re making sure that we each get our time away to exercise on our own, so I’m going on a ten mile bike ride every day.

“I’ve rediscovered my bike. I go out nice and early. It’s brilliant; I feel like a kid again! I get that helmet on, jump on my bike and I’m off. And it’s helping to shift some of the old baby weight.”

She adds: “We’re quite lucky because we’ve got the Mersey nearby and there are lots of cycle paths, which is nice.”

Goulding’s character, Shona, was memorably shot by Gary Windass’ associate Derek Milligan, on Christmas Day, and spent several weeks in a coma. When she finally came round, it was revealed that she had suffered severe memory loss, which meant she no long recognised husband David.

She hasn’t been seen on screen since January, as Goulding was written out of the soap to go on maternity leave. However, Shona will be back on screens next week when she agrees to visit the Platt house from her Leeds rehabilitation centre to see if it will jog any memories.

Shona visits number eight next week but still doesn't recognise her family

Shona visits number eight next week but still doesn't recognise her family

Reveals Julia: “Sarah pleads with Shona to come back to the street, just to try and see if she can recall anything, so she goes because she can see Sarah in distress and begging for her help. Sarah has Harry there, but Shona doesn’t know who he is. She’s sitting in a living room which, a few months ago, was all too familiar, and now it’s as if she has never been there.

“There are pictures up of her and David’s wedding, so she’s being faced with her memories - but she can’t remember them.

“She’s doing it for Sarah, but also out of her own curiosity. She’s in the house, Gail and Shona’s case worker, Alice, are talking, and it gets too much for Shona. She gets quite overwhelmed and bolts out of the back gate.”

Will Shona be found safe and well?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.