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Season 2 of 'His Dark Materials' debuts Nov. 16, 2020 on HBO

Amir Wilson and Dafne Keen in Season 2 of "His Dark Materials" on HBO.
Amir Wilson and Dafne Keen in Season 2 of "His Dark Materials" on HBO. (Image credit: HBO)

HBO today announced that Season 2 of His Dark Materials will premiere on Nov. 16, 2020, putting a date to the month it'd previously announced. The adaptation of the Philip Pullman novels stars Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Amir Wilson, Ariyon Bakare, Andrew Scott, Will Keen, Ruta Gedmintas and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

There's a lot going on in His Dark Materials, from mystical words that live beside our own, with secret passages between them, to spirit animals that walk alongside humans and carry on in proper British accents. 

Plus, armored bears.

The second season has found Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) opening a bridge to a new world, but also distraught at the death of his best friend. Lyra (Keen) then follows him into the unknown. She'll meet Will — a boy from our world (as in the non-mystical one) who's running away from a troubled past, and it turns out their destinies are tied together. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter (Wilson) is still searching for Lyra — and is determined to take her back home.

His Dark Materials will be available on both HBO and HBO Max.

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