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Season 3 of 'I'm Sorry' won't be finished as TBS shelves series due to COVID-19

Andrea Savage and Tom Everett Scott in "I'm Sorry."
Andrea Savage and Tom Everett Scott in "I'm Sorry." (Image credit: WarnerMedia)

The smart, sexy, hilarious (and at times very, very wrong) series I'm Sorry has been canceled, show creator Andrea Savage has announced. COVID-19 — and the costs associated with shifting a show that was shot entirely on location in homes and restaurants and other places — was the death blow, Savage said.

The news came as a shock to pretty much anyone familiar with I'm Sorry, given that the third season was ordered back in the summer of 2019, 10 episodes had been written, and two already had been filmed.

"We realized we needed to shift the way we shoot our show," Savage said over the string of five videos, visibly fighting back tears. "And with COVID and the protocols, that kind of shooting is just gone, for the foreseeable future. So we needed to get to soundstages, and we though that was going to be able to get worked out. And it looked like maybe it would — and then, suddenly, it couldn't. We've been told that it's too expensive for them to cover the COVID costs and move us to soundstages."

I'm Sorry is an irreverent look at the family life of a comedy writer (Savage) and an entertainment lawyer (Tom Everett Scott) in Los Angeles, along with their daughter and extended friends and family. The series was set to move from TruTV to TBS for the third season, but the parent company of both networks — WarnerMedia — has undergone some major shifts in recent weeks, a fact Savage alluded to. 

"I'm probably telling too much," Savage said. "I want you guys to have context as to why this is happening. There's more going on in the world of it all — there's company changes and belt-tightening and lots of other stuff."

Along with Savage and Scott, I'm Sorry stars Olive Petrucci, Judy Greer, Martin Mull, Steve Zissis, Jason Mantzoukas, Kathy Baker and Nelson Franklin. The first two seasons of I'm Sorry are available on Netflix.

"Obviously we're heartbroken for so many reasons," Savage continued. "But I think the main reason is that we have 10 amazing episodes that we're not going to be able to share with you guys. We meet Mike's family, we cover homelessness with your kids, sleepovers ... And that's just a tough pill to swallow that that's not going to be able to be out in the world.

"I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much all of you guys who have supported our show. ... It matters, and this means so much to us."

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