Shark Killer (2014) | DVD release – Forget those Sharknado movies, there's a ferocious new fin in town

shark killer cover

When one of nature’s most ruthless creatures threatens your beach, there’s only one man to call: the lay-about ladies man, Shark Killer Chase Walker (Derek Theler, Baby Daddy).  So when a precious diamond becomes lodged in the belly of one of these flesh-ripping beasts, the man who wants it back knows who to turn to.

The hunt is on. Enlisted by his brother, Chase endeavors to retrieve the diamond in the greatest challenge of his career yet. Keeping a close eye on him is Jasmine (Erica Cerra,Eureka) his brother’s girlfriend, and as threats from a rival crime boss, played by The Mummy’s Arnold Vosloo, draw closer loyalties start to shift.

When the blood starts flowing and the sea starts churning, Chase will have to go deeper, fight harder and kill with absolute finality if he is to survive… READ MORE...

Shark Killer is out now on DVD in the UK from Image Entertainment