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Sharon and Jack Osbourne talk about their spooky new paranormal series

The Osbournes want to believe
(Image credit: Travel Channel)

Sharon, Ozzy and Jack Osbourne will be giving their verdict on a whole host of spooky paranormal clips for their new series The Osbournes Want To Believe

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and son Jack are putting all sorts of strange and surreal paranormal activities under the spotlight in their new eight-part series, The Osbournes Want To Believe.

From UFOs shimmering in the sky, to spooky dolls moving of their own accord, unidentifiable beasts striding across hillsides and gas hobs spontaneously catching light, the new eight -part series is packed with paranormal footage taken from around the world.

We caught up with Sharon and Jack via video call at their homes in LA to hear more about the spooky series, The Osbournes Want To Believe...

Sharon, Jack and Ozzy Osbourne

The Osbournes Want To Believe

How did the idea for the series come about in the first place Jack?

Jack: "While we were in quarantine we did a random little thing for the show I do, Portals to Hell,  where my mum and dad watched an episode of it with me and we discussed it. The good folks at Really picked it up and thought ‘Hey let’s do a show where we discuss paranormal clips and see if we can make ‘believers’ out of my parents.’"

How cynical are you Sharon when it comes to paranormal activity?

Sharon: "I think I’m very cynical! Maybe I’ve been in TV too long! Jack tells me about some of the things he’s seen from the places he’s visited for his other series and I’m always like, ‘Nah! That didn’t really happen, that was one of the crew jingling something or someone pushing something!’"

What spooky happenings have you experienced Jack?

Jack: "I’ve had things like doors that are properly firmly shut suddenly fly open, flashlights come on with no explanation, furniture move by itself. There’s definitely been a bunch of weird stuff that’s happened to me."

The Osbournes want to believe

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne give their verdict on a host of paranormal clips presented by their son Jack (Image credit: Travel Channel)

Which of the clips from the series did you find the most fascinating or inexplicable?

Sharon: "I thought the group of lights for the UFOs was amazing. There’s video footage that has been collected from all over; Russia, Afghanistan, India, the UK and it’s always the same kind of lights and this same formation. Even though I’m cynical I do think there has to be something in it that."

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What about creepy moving dolls and unidentifiable monsters?

Sharon:  "We used to take the kids to Scotland to try and find the Loch Ness monster when they were little because they were really into the whole thing. I saw this show where they found sharks that can live up to 300 years old. If things like that exist who’s to say there isn’t a Loch Ness monster? The moving dolls in the clips were very spooky too."

Jack: "We used to have dolls at our house. Mum thought it was really cute to have these old Victorian china dolls in our hallway. I found them terrifying!"

Sharon: "They terrified Ozzy too. I used to collect them and I’d dot them around the house, they’d be sat in corners, in a chair here or there. I thought they could be like part of the family and I thought the kids would like them!"

Jack: "'Hey, my kids will love these 100 year old terrifying dolls!' That's really sane behaviour!"

The Osbournes want to believe

(Image credit: Travel Channel)

It’s Halloween coming up. Any spooky plans in store?

Jack: "They’ve outlawed trick or treating here because of Covid. It’s usually such a big event in California. At my kids old school all the pupils were given the day off after Halloween because they’d be so useless so it was kind of like this weird bank holiday."

Sharon we bet you’ve been to a few wild Halloween parties?

Sharon:  "We had one at home years ago in England that was a big one…"

Jack:  "You came to the Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion with us one year when I was about 19. That was a pretty wild Halloween party!"

Sharon: "Listen, it might have been wild but I never left the table where the buffet was so I wouldn’t know!"

If you could come back to earth as a poltergeist or ghost who would you haunt?

Jack: "It would be fun to haunt government officials. I’d like to scare the hell out of them as some kind of revenge."

Sharon: "I would flit back to see my kids as a ghost and see what they were all getting up to. It’s been so strange this year not being allowed to see each other."

The Osbournes want to believe

The Osbournes love spending time with their grandchildren and kids when they can (Image credit: Travel Channel)

You must love spending time with your grandchildren when you can?

Sharon: "Oh yes, I do so much. This year has been so odd though because we’ve spent such a small amount of time together, it’s been very strange. This is probably the only year I’m looking forward to getting rid of and just starting a new one. I cannot wait for New Year’s Eve, I am going to go insane."

The Osbournes Want To Believe starts on Monday 19 October, 9pm on Really 

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