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Sheridan Smith to star in major new ITV drama about a 'terrifying' family holiday

Sheridan Smith
(Image credit: Andy Hughes)

Sheridan Smith plays a mum whose life is turned upside down when her 16-year-old son is arrested

Sheridan Smith is to star in big new ITV drama No Return about a family holiday that turns into a nightmare.

The 39-year-old actress, recently seen in ITV’s Isolation Stories, will play mum Kathy who takes her family on an idyllic sounding holiday to Turkey.

But the holiday all goes wrong when their 16-year-old son Noah accepts a seemingly innocent invitation to a beach party from fellow holidaymaker, Rosie, who is staying at the same hotel.

When Noah is subsequently arrested, Kathy and her husband see their world fall apart around them. Distraught, Kathy and Martin must navigate an expensive legal system to secure their son’s freedom.

They’re determined to clear his name and get home as soon as they can, but will he be found guilty?

It has been billed as “event drama” by ITV and the four-part story is penned by award-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst. No Return is being produced by Red Production.

Sheridan Smith 'can't wait to start filming'

Teasing the story, Sheridan said: “I’m such a big fan of Danny Brocklehurst and Red Production, they make incredible dramas. I was thrilled to be asked to play Kathy in this exciting production and to be at ITV again. Can’t wait to start filming on this thrilling, complex story about family finding their way through a terrifying situation.”


Sheridan in recent ITV drama Isolation Stories (credit: ITV)

ITV adds that the drama will revolve around themes of “parental love, guilt, grievances, and the issues around consent for teenagers”.

Writer Danny says: “No Return is truly a passion project for me. It's the story of a family caught in a modern nightmare but it allows us to explore themes of parenthood, justice, addiction and consent.”

No Return, starring Sheridan Smith, will begin filming next year. It’s not been announced yet when it will be shown (please see our TV guide for more shows to enjoy).