'Shetland' fans believe Duncan's fate is sealed after the penultimate episode

Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar) posts Donna Killick's letter in Shetland's latest episode
(Image credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz)

Shetland season 6 continued once again last night. With just one episode remaining, fans are spinning theories about how the main story will wrap up, but it seems like some are too worried about what might happen to Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar).

*HUGE spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Shetland*

Donna Killick's return to the island wasn't exactly welcome, but Duncan had decided to try and look after her along with her nurse, Meg. Over the series, Duncan has been looking out for her, helping out around the house, and trying to offer her some support. It's safe to say that his decision hasn't exactly thrilled DI Jimmy Perez.

In the latest episode, Jimmy finally decided that Donna should be removed from the island because she was a threat to the peace. Donna was distraught when she found out and convinced Duncan to help her stay as she wanted to pass away on Shetland and not in a hospice on the mainland.

Duncan was furious with Jimmy for ordering her removal. When he confronted Jimmy with the news, Jimmy told him he didn't realize Donna meant that much to him, and that he was concerned Donna was manipulating him. Jimmy's concerns were proven true shortly thereafter, as she actively pressured Duncan into helping her take her own life. She also sent him to post her will to her lawyer.

Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar)

Is Duncan in trouble?   (Image credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz)

In the closing moments of the episode, Duncan reported Donna's death to Jimmy. When he arrived at the home, Jimmy immediately figured out what had happened and shockingly told him to put the mug in the sink so there was a reason his fingerprints were on it.

Plenty of fans couldn't believe this sub-plot. After seeing what happened, they headed to social media to express their concern that Donna might have a plan in motion to seek her revenge on her former lover. Specifically, they believe that Donna's letter will be vital in deciding what happens to Duncan now that she's passed away...

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The episode ended with Duncan waiting to make a statement to the police. Has Donna said something which will lead to his arrest? Will Jimmy help him out of the situation he's found himself in? And will they finally manage to track down who killed Alex Galbraith?! We've got to wait till next week to find out...

Shetland concludes on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1. You can catch up with previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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