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Sian Gibson: 'I screamed at Jason Donovan in Dial M for Middlesbrough!'

Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson in Dial M for Middlesbrough

Sian Gibson and Johnny Vegas reveal all about getting star-struck by Jason Donovan in Gold's comic whodunit Dial M for Middlesbrough

After unmasking serial killers in Murder on the Blackpool Express and Death on the Tyne, Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson are back on the case as coach driver Terry and tour guide Gemma in Gold’s Dial M for Middlesbrough.

The comic whodunit sees the pair on their way to pick up regular clients Mildred (Sheila Reid) and Hilda (Georgie Glen) to take them to a funeral in Middlesbrough. But when the coach breaks down, they stop at the dilapidated Shady Creek caravan park where another killer is on the loose. Phil Davis, Sally Lindsay, Annette Crosbie and Jason Donovan play the campsite's outrageous staff and residents who come under suspicion.

Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson tell us more about comic crime-solving in Dial M for Middlesbrough…

Where do we find Terry and Gemma?

Sian Gibson: “Gemma’s been to the site before so there’s a blast from her past. And then we have death by swingball and death by pedalo! Because the police can’t get to the caravan park due to a storm, Gemma wants to investigate. She likes the excitement and thinks of herself as Juliet Bravo.”

Johnny Vegas: “Terry’s preoccupied with planning their wedding though. In Gemma’s head they’re like Hart to Hart but Terry wants none of it. But Gemma’s feminine wiles get him on board. He’s a reluctant hero.”

What was it like working with Jason Donovan, who plays entertainments manager Darren?

JV: “Sian squealed when she met him. She went up three octaves.”

SG: “So embarrassing. I screamed, ‘Jason Donovan!’ in his face. But I get to touch him and I’m the most popular mum at school.

JV: "He’s brilliant to work with though. I don’t think he knows how funny he is.”

Jason Donovan as Darren encounters Terry (Johnny Vegas) and Gemma (Sian Gibson)

Jason Donovan as Darren encounters Terry (Johnny Vegas) and Gemma (Sian Gibson) (Image credit: OLLIE UPTON 07973909063)

Have either of you been on caravan holidays?

JV: “I love them and I’m working on a C4 show to develop a glamping site with retro buses. This is my world. I know all about the politics of campsites.

SG: “My friend’s mum and dad had a caravan and I used to go with her. But I don’t like communal showers or running across a field in the night for a wee!”

Are you whodunit fans?

JV: “I like Columbo where he works his way back seeing how they did it and I’d love to be in a gritty crime drama like Cracker.”

SG: “I don’t think I’d like to be a detective - I’m too short. I like Murder She Wrote though, I was trying to do Jessica Fletcher on this and get some nice hazy lighting. But I’ve also been playing it straight thinking I might get a Line of Duty out of it!”

Dial M for Middlesbrough airs on Gold on Saturday 14 December at 9.15pm