Stranger Things would like to remind you that Stranger Things 4 is still a thing

A still from a teaser for Stranger Things 4.
(Image credit: Netflix)

It's been more than a year since we were first teased with a teaser for Stranger Things Season 4, titled "From Russia With Love" in a callback to the old James Bond flick. (But with Hopper very much in the Gulag.

But the global pandemic can even take its toll on the Upside Down, and we've not had new Stranger Things in, well, forever.

Now we have a new teaser for Stranger Things 4.

We start with a clock striking 3. In the morning? In the afternoon? Who knows, but there are children awake and doing things that children in captivity do. Like racing little cars along a rainbow. Playing chess and Magic 8 Ball. And a generic version of the Plinko game, with a chip dropping down into the No. 7 spot.

Then we see ol' Martin Brenner walk into the room and greet the children, who reply in unison. "Good morning, Papa. "Today, I have something very special planned for you," Brenner says. 

The camera zooms in on another room, with the number 11 on the door. "Eleven, are you listening?" And then we see her eyes.

And that's it. No dates just yet. Just more waiting.

Phil Nickinson

Phil spent his 20s in the newsroom of the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal, his 30s on the road for and Mobile Nations and is the Dad part of Modern Dad.