TCL's 8K Roku TV is now available

TCL 8K Roku TV
(Image credit: TCL)

The latest TCL 6-Series Roku TV — as in it's a TV with the Roku operating system built in — is now available in 8K resolution. That's a ridiculous 33 million pixels, a spec that should last you at least 6 months before being eclipsed by the next new thing.

All kidding aside, however, that's the sort of thing that should definitely future-proof your living room for a while. We're talking two TVs, at 65- and 75-inch sizes. They've got support for Dolby Vision and HRD 10, as well as HLG. The panel is of the mini-LED variety, with full array local dimming, and it sports a 120Hz refresh rate. Plus there are four HDMI inputs, though the inclusion of the Roku operating system means you should be able to get to all the streaming content you could possibly want without having to plug anything else in. There's also a USB port, Ethernet, and digital optical audio — all standard stuff.

That 8K spec, though — that's where the starting price of $2,199 for the 65-incher (and $2,999 for 75 inches) comes in. It's also where you need to be a little careful. For the most part, native content tends to top out at 4K resolution these days, and all the upscaling in the world isn't going to do all that much for source material that's beamed over at 720p once it's scaled to within an inch of its life at 4320p.

That said, there's no doubt that between the resolution itself and the mini-LED panel, good content is almost certainly going to look great on this TV.

And because it's a Roku TV, it's going to be extremely simple to use. You'll have a single remote to control all the things. You'll have automatic software updates, and the ability to use Roku's built-in voice commands alongside Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google Assistant. Plus it's got support for Apple AirPlay 2, and Google's Cast protocols. 

The new TCL 6-Series at 8K resolution are available now at Amazon and Best Buy.

Phil Nickinson

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