The Black Cat (1941) | DVD release - The classic comedy whodunit

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The family of wealthy, elderly Henrietta Winslow (Cecilia Loftus) gathers for an advance reading of her will. Believing Henrietta is near death, her nephew, Montague (Basil Rathbone), has brought along realtor Gil Smith (Broderick Crawford). Dismayed that the family anticipates her demise, Henrietta reads her will and stuns everyone by adding that no one can inherit until the estate guardian, Abigail (Gale Sondergaard), dies. When Henrietta is murdered, Abigail fears her own life is in danger…

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This 1941 comedy horror whodunit is great fun, boasting a rare gathering of ghoulish character stars, including Bela Lugosi and Basil Rathbone. Gladys Cooper, Anne Gwynne and Alan Ladd - in one of his last roles before stardom - look perturbed, possibly by the silly slapstick antics of Hugh Herbert and Broderick Crawford.

The Black Cat is out now on DVD from Final Cut Entertainment in the UK