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The Chase fans left confused after Bradley Walsh rejects contestant's answer

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

Some fans called the decision "harsh"...

The Chase fans were confused by a question in the Cash Builder round during Monday's episode of the popular game show.

Contestant Dave was the first one up to face Chaser Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan, but despite getting a decent score of £5,000 some fans were convinced he deserved £6,000.

During the fast paced round, host Bradley Walsh asked, "What was the final word of 'I'm A Celebrity...?"

Dave quickly replied, "Get Me out of Here" but was corrected by Bradley who replied, "Here!"

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This exchange left fans confused, with many believing he'd given the host the correct answer all along. Some thought Bradley had misheard the way Dave had pronounced the word "here".

One fan wrote, "I'm a celebrity... get me out of "ere" Not an acceptable answer on #thechase"

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Another added, "I’m confused - didn’t Dave say “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”? Did I mishear it or did Bradley Walsh #thechase"

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A third said, "most harsh wrong answer ever. Get me out of here. #TheChase"

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A fourth raged, "@ITVChase why did Bradley not give him that question on his cash builder “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” just because he said ere instead of here!!! It’s his accent!! That was shocking!!!"

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But it turns out that it was just an incredibly harsh question, as Bradley had only asked for the final word of the reality show's name, and not the final five words. We're not surprised fans were a bit confused!

Unfortunately Dave was eventually eliminated by Jenny, alongside Jonathan and Janet, leaving Natalie alone in the Final Chase.

But after scoring 12 on her own, she was caught by the Chaser with 53 seconds to spare.

The Chase is on ITV1 weekdays at 5pm.