The church bells did it! Death in Paradise star reveals nuisance bells keep wrecking scenes

Death in Paradise season 13 stars Neville and Naomi by the sea in Death in Paradise
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Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has revealed how the local church bells on Guadeloupe, which doubles for Saint Marie on the BBC hit, keep ruining scenes!

As anyone knows who's ever been on a film set, shooting requires almost absolute silence. But unfortunately for Ralf and co the church bells where they shoot keep going off on the hour, every hour, frequently in the middle of dramatic scenes!

"When you're in the police station, it's right next to the church and the bells go off every hour and honestly the number of times where you’re like 'OK this is a big scene, this is a big moment, this is really important'. 

"I’ve got like a long, long, long monologue, I'm halfway through it, it's all going really well and you can guarantee the bells are about to go. There are about 500 clips of me in mid-flow and the bells going off in the church and me looking into the camera, going 'Come on man'."

Ralf, who plays DI Neville Parker, was asked during the Instagram chat how he learns his lines; whether it was scene by scene or the whole episode at once. He said: "It’s scene by scene. You read the script and you really know what's going on in the episode, you've got to know where you stand. 

"It’s not like you walk on set and you start from scene one and you just work through in story order. I've never worked on anything where that happens, apart from The Royle Family. So what happens is you'll have like four days in the police station, so you have to do all the police station scenes in one go." 

DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) at his computer in Death in Paradise season 12

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Ralf is currently in the Caribbean shooting Death in Paradise season 13, which is due to hit our screens in January next year.

He recently said: "We are halfway through episode one, we've got the Christmas special in the bag. I think episode one is very good and so is the Christmas special.” 

In the previous chat, he also commented how he'd be more than happy for Danny John-Jules to return as his legendary character Office Dwayne Myers.

"He came back for the last Christmas special and he was a legend. I used to watch Red Dwarf as a kid, so he's a real hero of mine. He's always welcome as far as I’m concerned, love him."

Death in Paradise season 13 will begin next year.

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