The Fall's Gillian Anderson: ‘Stella finds serial killers compelling!’

Gillian Anderson’s alter ego DSI Stella Gibson remains as enigmatic as multiple murderer Spector (Jamie Dornan) in the second series of The Fall and Gillian explains that Stella finds serial killers... compelling.

For viewers the character of Stella Gibson is as much of an enigma as Spector. But Gillian Anderson sheds some light: "Stella’s not an enigma to me, but she does come across as somehow unknowable to everybody [else].

“Her behaviour and the choices she makes are sometimes baffling, but we begin to understand more about her enigmatic nature.”

Gillian added: “Stella finds serial killers – particularly Spector – compelling!”

In this week’s episode Stella realises she needs to find Spector – and fast!

She’s under pressure from all sides. Constraints on the budget threaten the investigation, while her one-night stand with murdered police officer James Olson is making headlines in the tabloids.

Assistant Chief Constable Jim Burns (John Lynch) becomes concerned Stella’s tarnished reputation is jeopardising the case and begins to reconsider her position.

Gillian, 46, reveals Stella’s self belief is still strong, however, she is becoming more emotionally affected by the investigation: “Stella definitely starts to be affected on other levels by what’s transpiring and becomes more emotionally involved in the case. You see it in how she thinks and speaks about the killer.

“At the heart of Stella she knows she’s good at her job and passionate about the work she does. It’s her life and she’s happy with that.

“It feels more like a hunt in this series. It’s weighing on her that Spector’s not yet been caught. Lives are at risk!”

Watch The Fall, Thursday, November 20 on BBC2 at 9pm to see how Stella discovers there’s been a major slip-up on the case, on her watch!

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