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The live-action Mulan is full of badasses

Yifei Liu as Mulan in the live-action version of "Mulan."
Yifei Liu as Mulan in the live-action version of "Mulan." (Image credit: Disney)

The live-action version of Mulan will premiere Sept. 4 on Disney+ Premier Access. It's the first film to be made available as part of Premier Access, which requires you to pay an additional fee on top of your usual Disney+ subscription. But in return you get to, ya know, see the movie before it hits Disney+ proper. You'll also get to watch the movie as much as you want, for as long as you keep your Disney+ subscription.

And it's understandable that folks are grumbling over having to pay the extra $30 to see the movie.

But Disney has released a new video with scenes from the film, and it's starting to look better and better. And director Niki Caro says it's absolutely going to be incredible.

"We've assembled the most extraordinary cast for this movie," Caro says in a new featurette that gives us another look at the upcoming movie. Led by Liu Yifei — nobody else could have played the role of Mulan. ... Every moment she was on set she raised the bar."

That's just top billing, of course. There's also some incredible swordplay from Donnie Yen, who plays Commander Tung. "The way he moves a sword," Caro continued  "It moves so fast I had to shoot the sequence again in slow motion just so I could see what he was doing. It was astonishing."

And from the looks of it, she's not wrong.

Disney+ itself costs $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year. It's available on just about any modern piece of hardware, including iPhone and Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, web browsers, and some smart TVs. And if you're super serious about it, you definitely should check out the epic Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle, which gets you three services for the price of two.

The live-action version of Mulan is the first title to be a part of Disney+ Premier Access. It requires the usual Disney+ subscription, as well as a premium fee to actually watch the content. You pay once, and then watch Mulan as much as you want as long as you keep your Disney+ subscription.

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