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The new Roku Express 4K+ brings 4K and HDR10+ to the mid-range for $40

The 2021 Roku Express 4K+ as seen in a lovely press image
(Image credit: Roku)

In addition to a new remote control and new high-end Roku-powered soundbar, we've also got a new entry into the middle of the Roku lineup.

The new Roku Express 4K+ (opens in new tab) is an improved take on the Roku Express. It's got a more powerful processor, so everything will run faster and more smoothly. It supports 4K resolution (as it should for a device released in 2021), as well as HDR10 and HDR10+ for high dynamic range. And it supports both dual-band Wifi and third-party microUSB Ethernet adapters to keep network connectivity as smooth as you can get it, which is important when you're dealing with 4K streaming.

And the whole thing weighs in at just $39.99.

Roku Express 4K+ will come with the Roku Voice Remote (but not the new Voice Remote Pro) and has a high-speed HDMI cable in the box. It also supports all the smart platforms you've come to expect Roku to support, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, so you can easily watch anything from pretty much any device in existence.

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The new Roku Express 4K+ will live just above the lower-spec'd Roku Express (which tops out at 1080p resolution) and below the Roku Streaming Stick+ and high-end Roku Ultra, to round out the Roku Player lineup. (Roku Express 4K+ is replacing Roku Premiere in the the lineup.)

And all of those devices live alongside the Roku Streambar (opens in new tab) and new Roku Streambar Pro, which combine an improved audio experience with the streaming experience of the Roku platform into a single, easy-to-set-up device.

The new Roku Express 4K+ will be available in stores and online at major U.S. retailers starting in May 2021.

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Roku Express 4K+ is the new entry-level 4K experience from Roku, getting you the best resolution you need, plus support for HDR10+. And it all comes in the simple and easy-to-use Roku experience, for a low price.

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