The Roku Streambar Pro brings even better audio and visual surround sound for $180

Roku Streambar Pro
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In addition to the new Roku Voice Remote Pro and Roku Express 4K+ (as well as Roku OS 10), Roku today announced another model if its line of audio product. The Roku Streambar Pro is its new top-end all-in-one soundbar that combines the simplicity and ease of the Roku streaming experience with a quality audio experience that goes above and beyond the previously released Roku Streambar.

In other words, this one goes to 11.

Bigger often means better when it comes to speakers, and that's no different here. More internal speakers means better sound, and Roku Streambar Pro is able to take advantage of virtual surround sound, which is a new feature in Roku OS 10. Or you can pair it the already excellent Roku Wireless Speakers and Subwoofer for a true surround sound experience.

And because this is a Roku audio product, it's got a full build of the Roku software on board. So you can plug it in to a non-smart TV and have a full Roku experience out of the box. It also has built-in smarts to make that optional wireless speaker setup even easier. 

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The Roku Streambar Pro will cost $179.99 when it's available in late-May. The Roku Streambar remains in the audio lineup at $130. Roku Wireless Speakers are still at $150, and the wireless subwoofer weighs in at $180. 

The newly announced Roku Express 4K+ gets you 4K resolution and HDR10 for just $39.99, and the new Roku Voice Remote Pro adds a rechargeable battery and hands-free voice control for $29.99.

And the newly announced Roku OS 10 update, which is beginning to roll out to devices now, will add Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to Roku's 1080p-capable devices, as well as a new "instant resume" feature to get you back to what you were watching faster than ever.


Roku Streambar Pro is the high-end soundbar that includes a full build of Roku. So you can plug it in to any TV with HDMI and immediately have the full Roku streaming experience along with better sound than your TV has on its own.

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