Tom Hiddleston apologises for 'inelegant' Golden Globes winner's speech

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The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston has apologised for his winner's speech at Sunday's Golden Globes, saying nerves got the better of him

Tom Hiddleston has apologised for his Golden Globes speech after he was accused of telling a self-indulgent story about his humanitarian work.

The Night Manager star, 35, was named best actor in a limited television series for his performance in the hit BBC thriller.

Tom, who last year endured a high profile break-up with singer Taylor Swift, was criticised on social media for the speech, in which he told an anecdote about doctors from Medecins Sans Frontieres binge-watching The Night Manager.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom at the Golden Globes (Jordan Strauss/AP)


Twitter users posted video of the apparently puzzled reactions of stars like Christian Slater and Vince Vaughn in the audience, and accused the British actor of paying himself a compliment.

The star has now apologised with a message on his Facebook page, blaming his nerves.


Tom had told how he recently went to South Sudan, with the United Nations Children’s Fund.

He said: “I do a little bit of work with them to spread the word as fast as I can. It’s a terrible situation happening for children. The Night Manager is about arms dealing, and there are far too many arms going into South Sudan….

“One night we were having a bite to eat at the canteen, where we were staying, and a group of young men and women tottered over to the table, and we were all having what they call a ‘dirty beer’ in humanitarian language.

“They were a group of Medecins Sans Frontieres doctors and nurses. And they wanted to say hello because during the shelling the previous month, they had binge-watched The Night Manager.”

Tom told the audience: “And the idea that I could provide ― or that we could provide ― some relief and entertainment for the people who worked for Unicef and Medecins Sans Frontieres and the World Food Programme, who are fixing the world in the places where it is broken, made me immensely proud.”

Fans on his Facebook page supported the star.

Danielle Alzate wrote: “I can’t believe you have to apologise. I thought your speech was beautiful.”

Jo Kargiotis added: “Inelegantly? From you? Are you kidding? Tom Hiddleston, you came across as the intelligent, articulate and compassionate darling that you are. Please pay no mind to anyone who cannot recognise that. You stand far above the others.”

Viewers had criticised him on Twitter and some posted photos of other stars apparently looking confused by the speech.

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Many people pointed out how clumsy it had been.

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