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Top 10 Worst Film Remakes | No. 10

With the new Ghostbusters coming out the ghouls and ghosts are the last thing to fear - the real worry is Hollywood’s history of messing up remakes. Whether it is taking a cult classic and turning it into a modern mess or resuscitating films that should have been left for dead. We have compiled the top ten times we wish Hollywood had left films in the past...

No. 10 - Fame 

If you ever get asked to a 80s themed party, chances are many of your mates will be dressed in leotards and legwarmers – you have Fame to thank for that. Such was the influence of this film over people’s cultural memories of the 80s. It was filled with iconic scenes of typically 80s moments – take for example, the scene where the arts students begin freestyle dancing in the streets of New York. 


Since this film many a dance film has tried to replicate its raw energy, until in 2009 director Kevin Tancharoen attempted to actually revisit Fame. In updating the film Tancharoen left behind all the typically 80s elements that made the film a nostalgic centre point of the decade and missed the individual stories that endeared viewers to the characters.

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