TV tonight: our highlights for Sunday 16th August

TV tonight Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live

Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live is just one of the gems on today...

Illusionist Derren Brown celebrates 20 Years of Mind Control: Live on C4, there are some Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly on Channel 5, and Lata has more competition for her attention in this week's A Suitable Boy. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly, 7pm, Channel 5

TV tonight Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly

Callis (right) is a handful – can nanny Laura help his family?

Laura Amies has dealt with hundreds of toddler tantrums during her career as a nanny, but the child behaviour expert faces her biggest challenges yet in this series. One of the tearaways she deals with tonight is Callis, whose mother Kayla jokes that he could be the ‘Spawn of Satan’ as he was born on Friday the 13th. Yet despite her jesting, the four-year-old’s terrible behaviour is doing real damage and needs to be corrected. Laura warns that without consequences, Callis will never mend his ways… 

★★★ SMA

Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live, 9pm, C4

TV tonight Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live

‘You will watch my new show tonight’

It’s been two decades since Derren Brown made his debut on C4, and tonight he’ll be talking us through his highlights, before performing a brand new stunt live. From the time he convinced a man he was living through a zombie invasion, to when he persuaded a group of pensioners to steal a valuable painting, few people in British TV have provided as many mind-boggling moments. But it’s also fascinating to hear how he considered giving up magic before reinventing himself in the noughties. 

★★★★★ SMA

A Suitable Boy, 9pm, BBC1

TV tonight A Suitable Boy

Who will Lata choose as her suitable boy?

The competition for Lata’s attention escalates with all three (three!) of her suitors upping their game. Student Kabir (the dreamboat) falls for Lata all over again when they perform in a university play, shoe-maker Haresh (the mother’s choice) wants to prove his worth by finding a better job, and poet Amit (the potential cad?) realises he must make his intentions clear. Maan Kapoor, meanwhile, reignites his affair with courtesan Saeeda Bai, pitting him against his nearest and dearest… 

★★★★ ER

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

The Shadow Line, one seasons, BritBox

TV tonight The Shadow Line

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Stephen Rea and Christopher Eccleston star

There is a fabulous cast for this intelligent and involving 2011 crime drama. When a drugs baron is murdered, a police detective (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and an associate of the man (Christopher Eccleston) both seek to find those responsible.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Jurassic World, 5.50pm, ITV

TV tonight Jurassic World

Taming Velociraptors isn’t easy

A fine return to the land of the dinosaurs, 20 years after Steven Spielberg’s initial foray with Jurassic Park, this sees the Park finally up and running, managed by no-nonsense Bryce Dallas Howard. She has a love-hate relationship with rugged, cocky dino-wrangler Chris Pratt and it isn’t long before things go horribly wrong and the two need to work together to survive. Director Colin Trevorrow brings a zip to the action and the monsters are as impressive as ever, especially the genetically created superbeast Indominus rex. Great fun. 

Live sport

  • Motorsport: Spanish Grand Prix from 12.30pm, Sky Sports F1 (highlights 6.30pm, C4)

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Don't miss Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live on TV tonight – prepare to be amazed…

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