U.S. getting a new 65-inch Amazon Fire TV Edition from Toshiba

What you need to know

• Amazon announced a 65-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TV.

• The new set will be available in the U.S. in October for $599.

• You'll be able to buy the TV at Amazon and Best Buy.

Amazon on Wednesday announced a new 65-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TV, which is headed for the U.S. this fall. The new set will come equipped with Dolby Vision and be sold exclusively by Best Buy.

The new 65-inch 4K TV arrives as part of Amazon's broader partnership with Best Buy, which already sells a variety of Toshiba Fire TV Editions, including a 55-inch model for $449.

Since we started collaborating with Best Buy to launch Fire TV Edition smart TVs last year, the popularity of these TVs has grown significantly. We've sold millions in the US and Canada. That's why we're excited to announce a new 65" Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TV with Dolby Vision for customers in the US this fall.

The inclusion of Dolby Vision is a big deal, because it offers a terrific viewing experience. The HDR format offers a wide color palette and brighter highlights compared to a TV without HDR.

The TV also features a voice remote, so users can instruct Alexa to launch apps, switch inputs, and play music, among other things. In addition to access to Amazon Prime Video, users can also download other apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon said Fire TV now has more than 37 million active users worldwide, and collaborations like the 65-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TV will further advance the service's reach.

Amazon said the new 65-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TV will launch in October for $599.