Valley of Eagles (1951) | DVD review – The long lost espionage from James Bond director Terence Young

Valley of Eagles

THE LOWDOWN Stockholm research scientist Nils Ahlen (John McCallum) discovers a new way of turning sound waves into electrical energy. When his neglected wife Helga (Mary Laura Wood) and young assistant Sven (Anthony Dawson) steal the formula, Nils joins Inspector Peterson (Jack Warner) in hunting them down.

Enlisting the aid of a band of Laplanders, Petersen and Nils find themselves heading into the Northern frontiers, a desolate waste where the nomadic Sami and their reindeer herds eke out a precarious living. Among their number is Kara (Nadia Gray), a spirited young girl who shows Nils the errors of his ways in putting his research before love.

Valley of Eagles

THE LOWDOWN This British 1951 espionage film was directed by Terence Young, who would go on to helm the James Bond classics Dr No, From Russia With Love and Thunderball. Guns, gadgets, wit and women were the hallmarks of Young’s 007 adventures, and this snowbound adventure certainly shows signs of Young’s penchant for thrills and spills with three major highlights: the stampeding herd of reindeer plunging over a precipice, the Laplanders’ trained eagles swooping on a pack of marauding wolves, and a mighty avalanche. Gripping stuff, indeed!

THE UK RELEASE The Fabulous Films UK DVD release also includes a number of photo galleries, original cast and crew biographies and original press stories.

DID YOU KNOW? During World War II, Terence Young was a paratrooper in the British Army, and was wounded in the Battle of Arnhem. Whilst recuperating in a Dutch hospital, he was taken care of by a 16-year-old volunteer nurse named Audrey Ruston – who later became Audrey Hepburn. Young would go on to direct Hepburn in 1967’s Wait Until Dark.