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Vizio SmartCast adds content to see its users informed about coronavirus

Vizio Coronavirus

Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)

We're maybe not quite to the point where more folks are using their smart TVs sans any sort of external streaming device, but things are getting there. And so it's more important than ever for the manufacturers to continuously update their software not just for features, but for content.

And it's to that end that Vizio has just released an update for its SmartCast system — which is what's built in to every modern Vizio television — to bring you up-to-date information about the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The "Slow the Spread" app features news and information "that can help users know the symptoms and risks of the disease and provides recommended prevention measures to keep users healthy and safe." The app is available on all Vizio TVs going back to 2016.

VIZIO Adds CDC's "Slow the Spread" App to Help Keep Customers Safe and Informed About the Coronavirus

The app can be found on VIZIO SmartCast™, which offers numerous entertainment options that can help pass the time during Shelter-at-Home advisories.

IRVINE, Calif., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- VIZIO, Inc., the #1 American-based TV brand1 and #1 Sound Bar Brand in America2, has added the official US Government app, Slow The Spread ( to its SmartCast platform in an effort to inform consumers about how to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The app was recently created and provided by the Coronavirus Joint Task Force, including the agencies of the CDC, White House, Health & Human Services, & FEMA. Slow the Spread highlights information that can help users know the symptoms and risks of the disease and provides recommended prevention measures to keep users healthy and safe. The app is available to VIZIO SmartCast TVs going back to 2016, and can be found in the SmartCast app row on the SmartCast HomeTM page.

"VIZIO made every effort to bring the CDC's Slow the Spread app to our platform as quickly as possible," stated Mike O'Donnell, Senior Vice President, Platform Business. "We want our users to be safe, and we recognize the need for everyone to have the latest information quickly and easily. Our SmartCast platform is the perfect news and entertainment resource giving families that are gathered together at home easy access to this important information."

Staying at home is also made a little easier thanks to popular apps and features available on SmartCast. The platform provides convenient access to on-screen apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube and more. It also includes support for Apple AirPlay 2 & Chromecast built-in, allowing users to stream from their phone, tablet, or laptop directly to the big screen. The feature can make it easier for parents looking to teach their kids at home, or users simply looking for a way to share photos, videos, shows, movies, and more from their device to the TV.

SmartCast users can also access free content with WatchFreeTM, powered by Pluto TV. WatchFree includes over 150 free channels of news, sports, movies and more with no fees, logins, or subscription required.

VIZIO is continuously enhancing the SmartCast platform with new features and content, providing users with endless entertainment options, all enjoyable while staying healthy and safe at home.