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War & Peace’s Rebecca Front: ‘I’m choosy about my roles – I always want to be reinventing’ (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC/Mitch Jenkins)

Comedian, TV star and writer Rebecca Front has a range of work other actors must look at with envy...

From early comedy on The Day Today and Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, to straight-out drama roles such as Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent in Lewis and chilling NHS robot, Vera, in Channel 4’s sci-fi hit, Humans, there’s no conventional, linear path for this Londoner’s career.

Chatting to What’s on TV at the red carpet launch for BBC1’s epic adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Rebecca explained the thinking behind her career choices:

“You’re only as good as the things that come up. I am quite choosy. If I feel something’s very similar to something I’ve done before, then I won’t go for it because I can’t quite see the point. I always want to be reinventing. I see myself as a character actress and that’s what I want to be doing.”

She added, joking: “Obviously [playing a princess in War and Peace] is the closest character to me!”

In War and Peace, Rebecca stars as Princess Anna Mikhailovna Drubetskaya, the socially climbing mother of Boris Drubetskoy (Cilla star Aneurin Barnard).

Talking about the star-studded Russian drama, Rebecca said: “This is my first time playing a princess!”

“Most of my scenes were with Aneurin Barnard – because he’s my boy! I've also got scenes with Jim Broadbent, scenes with Stephen Rea, and lots of scenes with Greta Scacchi and Ade Edmondson."

For the full interview with Rebecca Front, watch the video above. "]

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