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Watch this 'Defending Jacob' trailer and start counting down the days to April 24

Defending Jacob cast

Source: Apple TV+ (Image credit: Apple TV+)
What you need to know

• The first "Defending Jacob" trailer is out.

• The show stars Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell.

• You'll have chills watching it.

The first trailer for Apple TV+ show "Defending Jacob" has been released on YouTube and you need to watch it. Like, right now.

The show stars Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell and is based on the 2012 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. If that isn't enough to get your attention, watching the trailer should definitely be enough to right that.

In this gripping, character-driven thriller, a shocking crime rocks a small Massachusetts town and one family in particular, forcing an assistant district attorney to choose between his sworn duty to uphold justice and his unconditional love for his son.

The show goes live on Apple TV+ on April 24 and it might – might – finally be the hit that the streaming service has been crying out for. Neither "See" nor "The Morning Show" were able to capture the imagination and attention we thought they would, but "Defending Jacob" might be able to succeed where they failed. At least, it will if this trailer is anything like indicative of what we can expect from the show.

It's not like trailers have let us down before, right?