What does Kelsey Grammer love to do when he comes to the UK?

Kelsey Grammer has revealed what he gets up to with his wife when they comes to the UK.

The 60-year-old actor is best known for his role Dr Frasier Crane in the sitcom named after the uptight radio psychiatrist and which ran for 11 series from 1993 to 2004.

And he says that whenever he comes to the UK with his British wife, former flight attendant Kayte Walsh, they watch the show together when it's on.

"My wife loves the show," says Kelsey. "We watch it when we’re in England all the time. It’s a lovely show to watch." 

But if fans of the sitcome were hoping that Dr Crane would one day return to the small screen they are in for a disappointment.

" Frasier will always hold a special place in my heart," says Kelsey, who originally played the character in the sitcom Cheers. "He’s a great character I Ioved playing and he’s still a wonderful part of my life. But he was a lot of work!  As much as I will always love Frasier, I don’t think we will ever make any more. He' s magnificent where he is.

Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte Walsh

(Evan Agostini/Invision) Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte Walsh

For Kelsey, life is more about taking on new roles and he's about to grace our screens as King Herod the Great in National Geographic show Killing Jesus.

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer (Richard Shotwell/Invision)

Kelsey described how he got into character in his new role as Herod, saying: “It was interesting because they put the robes on, and then they put the crown on, so instantly you’re not moving your head any more as that thing weighs a ton!

“I thought to myself – this is a guy who always goes to sleep worrying about being killed. Wouldn’t he want to go to sleep with a weapon nearby?

“So I requested for the prop guy to fetch me a dagger. And that changed the whole performance. I didn’t know what to do before then.”

Killing Jesus airs on National Geographic on Sunday, 29 March.

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