Where to buy a Chromecast

Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast ($35), left, and Chromecast Ultra ($69). Available at the Google Store, among other places.

Buying a Chromecast as at the same time simple, and infuriating. It's a little crazy, given that you can pick up the OG Chromecast — which pipes in video at up to 1080 — for a mere $35, and occasionally for less. And the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra goes for just $69.

What's infuriating? For starters, Google and Amazon have been in a bit of a tiff for a long time now. So Amazon doesn't sell the Chromecast, never mind that it makes up a good fifth of the streaming market . So that's a thing.

And then there's the matter of brick-and-mortar stores. At some, you can just walk up and grab one off a shelf, pay for it and be on your way. At other stores, it's locked away inside a glass case. A $35 Chromecast.

But we digress.

We're all about online stuff here, though. So here are our top picks for picking up a Chromecast on ye olde interwebs. Tell 'em CordCutters sent ya.

Where can you buy a Chromecast?

So where can you get one of these magical Chromecast devices? These fine places:

The other question you're going to want to ask yourself is which Chromecast you should buy. There are three, actually, and each is a little different. The big picture? Buy best one you can afford — it'll last longer. There's no reason to buy a piece of hardware that maxes out at 1080p if you're going to buy a 4K TV in the next year or so. And there's no reason to buy a 4K-capable Chromecast if you're not going to be using it on a 4K-capabale display. That sort of thing.

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