Who's the one person The Mimic star Terry Mynott can't mimic?

(Image credit: HAL SHINNIE)

Terry Mynott (opens in new tab) has admitted he just can’t tackle some impressions, even as the star of Channel 4 comedy The Mimic.

The actor and impressionist plays impersonator Martin Hurdle, who gave up his job to be a full-time mimic in the first series of the show and returns in the second series struggling to make his name.

Asked if there were any impressions he found just too difficult to get right, Terry said: “Yeah, Tom Hanks. I would love to do Tom Hanks because the possibilities are endless - especially redubbing Toy Story - but I spent two months on it and had to give up.”

Terry added that he had found a busking scene in the comedy equally tough to master: “It was a tough day. You’d be halfway through a take and some old lady would come up and go, ‘What you filming?' You’d say, ‘The Mimic’. And they’d go, ‘What? The Gimmick?’.”

The Mimic (opens in new tab), Channel 4, Wednesday, July 16, 10.00pm.