Why pregnant TV star Katherine Parkinson loves being In the Club

(Image credit: BBC/Rollem Productions)

Katherine Parkinson has said the set of In The Club was the nicest place to be as a pregnant woman.

Katherine, recently on BBC2 in The Honourable Woman, stars in the new BBC1 Kay Mellor drama about a group of women all expecting babies, but was the only one who was really pregnant during filming.

Katherine, who has a daughter with actor husband Harry Peacock, and who is pregnant with their second child, said: “I was very surprised to get pregnant, but I did think there couldn’t be a nicer set to be pregnant on.

“With my first pregnancy I was in the West End having a nervous breakdown on stage every night, which wasn’t the most comfortable experience. I remember worrying my baby would come out traumatised because I was screaming so much.

“It was a bit strange [on In The Club] because it was so pertinent to what I was going through personally, but it was quite nice.”

Katherine said the programme had even helped her prepare for the birth: “Mine [in the series] was a water birth, and that’s what I’d like to have this time, so it was like a kind of extended birthing workshop for me.”

In The Club's cast also includes Hermione Norris, Jill Halfpenny, Christine Bottomley and Will Mellor.

In the Club, BBC1, Tuesday, August 5, 9.00pm.