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Will Mellor 'slipped into a depression' after his sister's death and extended unemployment

(Image credit: YHFPhoto)

Will Mellor has told how he sometimes struggled to get out of bed during a tough period in which he was grieving the loss of his sister and had no work.

The In The Club star, 38, revealed he almost fell into a depression during the rough patch last year.

He explained: "Last year was a difficult year because I did Dates and then I did Broadchurch, and then I didn't work for six to eight months, which is fine, because a lot of people don't work for longer periods than that.

"But I was having a difficult time as my sister had passed away, and I was trying to see what the point of it all was.

"It was a time when you start slipping into a bit of depression before you know it - I didn't want to get out of bed some days, and I started to doubt myself.

"It doesn't matter how many times you tell yourself how lucky you are - and I'm very lucky to have the life I have and my family - you don't see that when you're immersed in it. I think it's something that can happen to anyone when you lose someone, but I'm back out the other end of it, and hopefully a better person for it."

Will went on to be cast in In The Club and is currently filming new drama No Offence, about a police unit in Manchester.

"I'm excited to see what happens," Will said of his future. "I like being myself on television, so I might do some factual stuff, and I'd like to do a play - I haven't been on stage yet, and I think as an actor, that's something you've got to do. But hopefully I can just keep going the way I am now - I'm very happy with where things are at the moment."

Will Mellor stars in In The Club, out now on DVD.