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Will Sienna and Brody get back together in Hollyoaks? Adam Woodward and Anna Passey give us their verdict

Sienna Blake and Brody Hudson
(Image credit: Ray Burmiston)

Sienna Blake is back in Hollyoaks after weeks away. But how will her estranged boyfriend Brody Hudson react to her sudden return? Will the couple be reunited or does his heart belong to Liberty now?

It's all going to kick off in Hollyoaks when, after weeks away, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) makes a sudden return to Chester. But what does this mean for her relationship with Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward)?

Things are more than a little messy now that her pregnant sister Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) has fallen for Brody in a big way!

Meanwhile, Sienna’s controlling ex, Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas), the father of her twins Sophie and Sebastian, is also on her Sienna's case when he discovers she's back in Chester.

Uh oh. There is HUGE trouble brewing. Are Sienna and Brody going to get back together? Or does Brody have feelings for Liberty who is carrying his baby? And what will Warren do when he comes face to face with Sienna?

Here Anna Passey who plays Sienna and Adam Woodward who stars as Brody, tell us what drama is in store in Hollyoaks and why they hope their characters will be reunited....

Where has Sienna been, and why has she decided to return?

Anna: “Sienna's been on the run in Wales with her twins. She's been keeping her son, Sebastian in a hospital, but the care he really needs is back with the specialist doctor on the children’s ward at Dee Valley, so she's decided to come home, to get him the care he needs.”

How does Brody feel when Sienna suddenly re-appears after weeks away?

Adam: “Brody's shocked. The last time he spoke to Sienna, she made it clear that he’d never see her again, so it’s the last thing he’s expecting.”

How does Sienna feel seeing Brody and Liberty now so close?

Anna: “She's  heartbroken to see Brody forming a romantic relationship with her sister. She had good reason to leave and is sad to see him moving on, and with Liberty of all people!”

Sienna Blake and Brody Hudson

Brody has been a rock to Sienna in the past

Does Brody have genuine feelings for Liberty?

Adam: “Liberty's carrying his child… Even though it was meant to be his and Sienna’s child, he can’t help but feel protective, and have feelings for Liberty.”

Sienna knows the baby isn’t biologically hers, will she still wish to raise it?

Anna: “I think this will be a difficult decision for Sienna. This baby was meant to be hers and Brody’s baby, that they were going to raise together. With no relationship left, and with her finding out the baby is actually Liberty’s, I’m not sure what she will do…”

Adam: “Hmmmm, Sienna hasn’t come back for Brody, or the baby! But let’s just say their connection is too strong to be able to walk away that easily.”

Liberty and Brody in Hollyoaks

Liberty was shocked to see Sienna back in the village (Image credit: James Stack)

Will she be shocked to find Warren in the village still?

Anna: “Yes…  she's not expecting him to still be there. When she finds out he is, she's going to have to fight her instincts to run."

Warren, Sienna, Brody and Liberty

Warren (Jamie Lomas), Sienna (Anna Passey), Brody (Adam Woodward) and Liberty (Jessamy Stoddart)

Do you think Warren and Sienna could make co-parenting work?

Anna: “I think it would be an unusual set up, but I think the health of their kids is the most important thing to both of them, and if they can see that, then hopefully they can work together.”

#Brienna has some pretty die-hard fans out there! How do you feel about that?

Anna: "It’s lovely. I’m a huge Brienna fan myself! I think they have both been through an awful lot, and have a great understanding of each other, and a lot of love and compassion! It’s great to see the audience love their relationship."

Adam: “I love our Brienna fans. They’re the best and show so much support!”

Do you think Brody should be with Sienna or Liberty?

Anna: "Brienna forever! I think Brody and Sienna are made for each other, and I think they are genuinely in love. I think Brody is hurt and confused by his sense of responsibility for the baby, but I think his heart truly belongs to Sienna. (Sorry Lib!)"

Adam : “I can’t disappoint our Brienna fans, so I’ve got to choose Sienna. Although he can’t just walk away from helping with Liberty now. He’s got to do the right thing.”

Brody, Liberty and Sienna

Love triangle! Who does Brody want to be with, Sienna or her pregnant sister Liberty?

Will Liberty struggle to see Brody and Sienna together, how will that affect Brody and Liberty’s relationship?

Adam: “Well… Liberty has fallen for Brody, and she falls hard! Brody has love for her, but it can’t compete with Sienna. Liberty is really going to struggle seeing Brody reignite that fire with Sienna. Which anyone would understand, right? I think they will figure it all out though, they have to!”

Will Sienna go back to teaching in the school?

Anna: “I think Sienna will be desperate to get back to her teaching job. As we saw, she is a great teacher! She loves her students, and she loves her job in the school. It really gives her life meaning, so hopefully she can return to it.”

Anna, what were you up to during Sienna’s break off screen?

Anna : “I was on an epic adventure in New Zealand. It was my first time visiting, so I had an awful lot to see, and a tonne of fun outdoor pursuits to try. Turns out I’m obsessed with kayaking. We spent weeks living in a camper van, which was one of the best life experiences I’ve had.”

Hollyoaks have announced that they will be showing re-runs of favourite episodes, which episodes have been your favourites, what would you like to see?

Anna: “I’d love to see some of the stunts again. The Halloween Spooktacular and the train crash were my favourites. I’d also like to see anything with Patrick in because I miss watching Jeremy Sheffield, he is my favourite. The Who Killed Patrick Blake week was also really exciting so if we have time then I’d like that too!”

Adam: “Oooo Hollyoaks favourites! Now that’s good lockdown TV. I’d have to go for Brody’s entrance in Ibiza – it would remind me of holidays we’ll have to look forward to after lock down.”

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4