YouTube is now available directly as an app on Vizio's 2019 TVs

YouTube on Vizio

What you need to know

• Older Vizio's have had it, but it's new to 2019 models.

• You can still use Chromecast, if you want.

• But a built-in YouTube app means you can use a better remote.

For some folks, there's nothing better than native apps. Never mind that Vizio TVs have long supported Google's Chromecast standard, and soon will take advantage of Apple's AirPlay 2. A native app means you're not futzing with your phone when you're trying to watch something. It also means you can use a proper remote control to handle things — and a phone is still pretty lousy for that.

That's something we've noted time and time again when it comes to the various ways of streaming video in 2019. And it also was plenty apparent when we recently reviewed the 2019 Vizio M658-G1 television . It comes oh-so-close to being one of those TVs that doesn't need to have another streaming box plugged in, thanks to its built-in SmartCast operating system. One glaring hole back when we reviewed it, however, was YouTube. You were stuck with using Chromecast. That's fine every now and then, but it's not a great leanback experience at all. For that, you need a built-in app.

And today, the latest line of Vizio TVs have filled that hole. There is now a native YouTube app on on the Vizio SmartCast input for the 2019 models.

To use it, just hit the giant V button in the middle of your Vizio remote (or change to the SmartCast input). Then choose the YouTube app.

You can watch all the videos you want signed out. Or sign in with your Google account and you'll have access to all of your subscriptions. (That includes, off course, fan favorites Modern Dad , Vector , and MrMobile — you're subscribed to all those, right?)