YouTube TV is finally coming to Vizio SmartCast — via the YouTube app

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YouTube TV is finally coming to the Vizio SmartCast platforming, meaning you'll be able to watch one of the most popular live streaming services in the United States on a Vizio TV without any other hardware, and without resorting to Chromecast or AirPlay.

The gist is this: You'll be able to get to YouTube TV via the YouTube app on SmartCast. (See, Roku, Google adding YouTube TV to the YouTube app as a workaround for that little tiff y'all are in wasn't just them poking the bear — it was planned all along. Maybe.)

The YouTube TV Twitter account dropped the news, along with the pretty major caveat: You'll need a Vizio TV that's no older than a 2020 model to make any of this happen.

We don't know the precise model list just yet. 

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The news comes a few weeks after Google and YouTube introduced the same scheme on Roku, albeit under (presumably) very different circumstances. Google and Roku have had a very public feud over the past month, leading the latter to remove the YouTube TV app from its platform. Google responded by baking access to YouTube TV inside the YouTube app, which Roku almost certainly would not be so quick to remove.

Whether that has anything to do with YouTube TV finally coming to Vizio SmartCast in the same manner is unclear, or whether someone merely said "You know what, that'd work great for Vizio, too!"

Either way, it's a good thing for Vizio customers. Look for YouTube TV inside the updated YouTube app any day now.

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