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Line of Duty 6.05 review — family links, Carmichael's return and THAT cliffhanger ending

Line of Duty Season 6 — our five burning questions after episode five.

Chris Lomax, Jo Davidson and Steve Arnott at a OCG raid in Line of Duty
(Image: © BBC/World Productions)

Our Verdict

Just when we thought last week's cliffhanger couldn't be topped, Jed Mercurio and his team have taken things to a whole new level.


  • THAT ending... we're not going to be able to sleep for a week.
  • Kate and Steve working together again - hurrah!
  • The clues all coming together - things are starting to make sense at last.


  • Steve digging up dirt on Ted - how long will it be before he confronts his boss with his findings?
  • Mean Jo - we much preferred her when she was best buddies with Kate rather than trying to bump her off.

Line of Duty Season 6 fans are still picking their jaws up off the floor after episode five, and with just two episodes left of this series it seems there is no chance of the drama slowing down any time soon.

As always Jed Mercurio and his team have left us on the edge of our seats until 9pm next Sunday evening. Here's our list of five HUGE questions after Season 6 episode 5... 

Who got shot?! 

We need to just take a moment to regain our composure after THAT ending. Who got shot?! There were two shots fired at the end of the episode, but who pulled the trigger first? Did Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) shoot Ryan Pilkington (please say yes!) or was Ryan the first to do the deed? Or could they both have been shot? We don't think we can wait a whole week to find out... what is Jed Mercurio trying to do to us?! While we are hoping and praying that Jed and his writing team wouldn't kill of our beloved Kate, all Line of Duty fans know no one is safe in this show... could this really be the end of Kate Fleming? 

What's the deal with DCS Carmichael? 

She's the character we all love to hate (mainly because she is our beloved Ted's nemesis) but what is going on with DCS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin)? Is she bent or just on a power trip? Despite being impressed with her new hairdo and sharp suit, her overruling of Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) has put Kate's life in grave danger. Had there still been surveillance on Ryan Pilkington and Jo Davidson, officers would have known that Kate was in danger after meeting Jo in an abandoned car park. But could the fact Carmichael is cutting all these budgets just be her attempt to undermine Ted for her own satisfaction? Or is she corrupt herself and using this as her chance to get rid of Kate and halting the AC-12 investigations before they get any closer to working out who killed Gail Vella  and Lawrence Christopher? 

DCS Carmichael Line of Duty

Corrupt or just here to make Ted's life a misery? We can't decide.  (Image credit: BBC/World Productions)

Is Terry Boyle in danger?

In addition to ceasing the surveillance on Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) and Ryan Pilkington, Patricia Carmichael also said that she was cutting ALL budget for AC-12's surveillance operations... including Terry Boyle. We know that he was being watched by anti corruption for his own protection after Ryan tried to drown him in a reservoir, but with no one watching him now, could that give the OCG the chance they need to finish off the job that Ryan started? 

Who put Ryan Pilkington on the MIT?

Ryan is clearly now marked as the new caddy, taking over from the late Matthew 'Dot' Cottan... but the million dollar question is still who put him on the MIT team? It's likely that who ever got him onto Jo Davidson's team is the very same person she has been messaging on her OCG chat site... the same person that STILL can't spell the word 'definitely'. But as Kate and AC-12 get closer to uncovering the truth about Gail Vella's murder, could cracking this case bring them closer to finding out the true identity of the final H?

Ryan Pilkington and Jo Davidson in Line of Duty

Ryan Pilkington and Jo Davidson lured Kate into a trap.  (Image credit: BBC/World Productions)

Will Steve confront Ted about the missing £50,000?

So Steve Arnott's (Martin Compston) unlawful digging into the bank notes that he found at Steph Corbett's house has confirmed that fact that the money hidden in her loft is the missing £50,000 that Ted claimed he never laid eyes on. But what is Steve going to do with the discovery? He's told Kate what he's found in their secret underground car park meeting... but that was the last we have heard of the matter in this episode. With Steve now holding Steph at arm's length, it seems there is still plenty more to come from this storyline strand. But that wasn't the only secret Steve unearthed about Ted - he also found out that Ted was the one who outed John Corbett as an undercover police officer in the OCG. But what will Steve do with is new-found information? Will Steve throw Ted under a bus? 

Line of Duty continues on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One. You can catch up on past seasons and missed episodes on BBC iPlayer