Minx season 1 episode 7 review: all press is good press

The Minx team takes advantage of this press cycle.

Jake Johnson and Idara Victor walk by a newsstand in Minx
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What to Watch Verdict

Everything is looking up for Team Minx and this win feels earned.


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    Tina and Doug's chemistry

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    The way Joyce nails her radio appearance

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    Glenn shows his true colors

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    Richie's success


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    Doug's advice about hate mail doesn't address the scary side of the words directed at Joyce

NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Minx season 1 episode 7 "God save the Queen of the Dicks."

Getting the name Minx into the minds of the general public is the difference between selling out across the country and landing like a dud. Doug (Jake Johnson) was beginning to think his luck had run out after putting everything he had into the Minx launch, but there is still plenty of gas left in the Bottom Dollar tank thanks to a mini-riot on the Woodbridge College campus in the last episode. Rather than attempt to save the copies of the first issue from getting trashed, Doug started the Minx fire that is getting press attention. 

"God save the Queen of the Dicks" proves Doug’s impulsive act was a savvy PR move because Minx is now a nationally recognized name thanks to the outrage machine — even The Dick Cavett Show is making inquiries. 

The episode opens with a Channel 6 News broadcast giving a quick rundown of the bonfire and its aftermath. (Eagle-eyed TV viewers will recognize Jay Jackson as the newscaster from Parks & Recreation and many other shows). Councilwoman Bridget Westbury (Amy Landecker) voices her disgust and makes a public plea for Encino residents to mail in their concerns. Little does she realize that Doug has got a team working on letters spouting fake indignation to keep this conversation going. 

We are reminded during this letter writing assembly line that Tina (Idara Victor) and Doug are still at odds with each other as she thinks Doug is risking too much for Minx. Richie (Oscar Montoya) says, "I hate it when mom and dad fight," and it is significant they are still out of step after displaying such unity. 

Throughout the episode, Tina softens regarding the state of Minx as its second issue is making a splash across the country. A penis-shaped bell is rung every time a city sells out and the map charting this success is soon covered in red Xs to mark Minx’s sales. Even Tina gets in on the bell ringing action and she is not above saying she was wrong.

Students hold up protests signs in Minx

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Doug admits that Tina was "right too" because he "went nuts and got lucky" with this big bet; the heat is hard to ignore during this scene. A couple of episodes ago we asked whether there was a will-they-won’t-they vibe between these two characters and the answer and the kiss we witness is very satisfactory. Is this the first time the pair have crossed this line? 

Romance in a workplace comedy is expected. Thankfully creator Ellen Rapoport has avoided the opposites attract of Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) and Doug. Yes, it could make things messy because Tina and Doug clearly have a long-running working partnership, but what is life without taking a big leap? After all, Doug knows what it feels like to do this and succeed.

Joyce also takes a big swing in episode 7 in the wake of the Minx scandal, but it takes her a beat to process the vitriol coming her way. It doesn’t help that her first brush with the national press makes it seem like she is a pornographer intent on starting a gender war. She is horrified that Councilwoman Westbury is protesting outside the public library (with the crowd holding images placards denouncing Joyce) and with the stack of hate mail addressed to her. 

It's easy for Doug to tell her to "not give a s***," but the violence of the words being sent Joyce’s way is rather scary. She can’t shake her bad mood and ends up at the door of the person who has been supportive throughout. 

Oscar Montoya and Jessica Lowe walk arm in arm on Minx

Oscar Montoya and Jessica Lowe in Minx (Image credit: Katrina Marcinowski / HBO Max)

Given the last few episodes, it was inevitable that Joyce would sleep with Glenn (Michael Angarano) and this tumultuous landscape provides a reason. The morning after is a snuggly affair until Joyce's ex asks her to leave Bottom Dollar and bring Minx to the publishing company he wants to begin. 

Glenn is as dismissive about Doug’s talents as Joyce was at the start but the purveyor of porn is more experienced than her ex suggests he is — even if he did get lucky with this one. She is aghast Glenn has been sitting on a nest egg and never once believed in her vision before Minx made headlines. It felt like Glenn’s change of character was out of nowhere, but his slimy condescension raises its head once more and the nice guy act is exactly that.  

This encounter ensures Joyce is more than ready to take on The Freddy & Willy Show, aka the chauvinist radio shock jocks that have been mocking her all week. After her disastrous Associated Press interview, it was fair to worry Joyce would stumble once more, but she is firing on all cylinders. Not only does she nail joke after joke, she has finally lost her know-it-all smug air. 

The only misstep is when she brings up her sister Shelly’s (Lennon Parham) sex life and shares something she was told in confidence. While Joyce doesn’t say names, Shelly’s husband Lenny (Rich Somner) is listening and knows this sexual dissatisfaction anecdote is about him. Her sister was already pulling away from the exciting world of Minx because of family strife and this will only make matters worse.

Elsewhere, Richie is getting all kinds of praise for his sensual cover design, but he has a big dose of Imposter Syndrome that Bambi (Jessica Lowe) helps him shake. Well, Bambi and iconic photographer David Hockney (Laurence Fuller). This party in the Hollywood Hills shows the kind of life the Minx squad might live if this success continues. It's invigorating to see the team get a win. 

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