'Holby City' spoilers: Dominic Copeland in SHOCK as mum Carole returns

Dominic Copeland is played by David Ames in Holby City
Dominic Copeland gets a shock when Carole turns up at Holby - and he doesn't seem pleased to see her. (Image credit: BBC)

Dominic Copeland gets a shock in tonight's Holby City (BBC1, 7.55pm – see our TV Guide for listings) when his adoptive mother Carole turns up at Holby with a burn on her arm. 

But Dom isn’t exactly welcoming and it turns out they’ve been distant after she failed to show up when they’d arranged to meet for dinner one night.

When Sacha (Bob Barrett) notices Carole (Julia Deakin) is carrying around lots of Post-It note reminders, he sends her to neurology for a scan. 

While in the waiting area, Carole bumps into Dom’s real mum, Ange (Dawn Steele), who reveals all about the accident that left Dom with life-changing injuries.

Julia Deakin plays Carole Copeland in Holby City

Carole's stunned to learn about Dom's accident. Will she keep her own health concerns a secret? (Image credit: BBC)

Carole’s devastated and confronts Dom, who admits he didn’t confide in her about his ordeal because she couldn’t have done anything to help. 

Later, Carole receives a devastating diagnosis but orders Sacha not to tell Dom about her condition as he’s been through enough. Will Dom want to support the woman he calls 'mum' at her time of need?

Meanwhile, following Ange’s bombshell discovery last week that she’s pregnant, Ange is struggling to digest the news herself, while also battling with whether or not to tell her young lover Josh, who only just told her he didn’t want kids!

Well-meaning nurse Kylie thinks Josh would change his mind if he knew his woman is ACTUALLY pregnant but when Ange rejects the idea, Kylie decides to offer a helping hand taking it upon herself to tell Josh he’s going to be a dad!

Dawn Steele plays Ange Godard in Holby City

Ange is anxious about telling young Josh about her pregnancy. Will he support her? (Image credit: BBC)

When Josh confronts her, Ange says she didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want to burden him: he’s just 25, he’s looking after a mother with MS and he’s got a great career ahead of him. Will Josh put the needs of Ange and his unborn child first?

Also, Max is shocked when Sahira’s teenage son Abs returns to the hospital, injured and traumatised. As Abs recalls his last encounter with his abusive grandfather Reyhan, the truth begins to emerge about how he really died…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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