Is 'Ride or Die' available in English?

Honami Sato, left, and Kiko Mizuhara "Ride or Die" on Netflix.
(Image credit: Netflix)

One of the great things about Netflix is how easy it makes it to watch movies and series that might never otherwise have come to America. Or in the case of Ride or Die, been made at all. 

Based on a 2007 Japanese comic, Ride or Die tells the story of two young women who fell in love in high school, then reconnect 10 years later. But when one learns the other's husband has been abusing her, it sets her on collision course for murder, — and then sends the two of them on the run.

Here's the full take from Netflix:

Born and raised in a wealthy family, Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) has lived a life without need. When one day out of the blue, she hears from the girl she was in love with during high school, Nanae (Honami Sato), Rei drops everything to go see her, and the two are reunited for the first time in a decade. But Rei’s happiness is short-lived as she sees Nanae covered in bruises inflicted on her by her husband. When Nanae tells her friend that she feels cornered and fears for her life, Rei tells her, “Your husband should disappear.” Nanae mutters, “Then will you kill him for me?” Always the one to come to Nanae’s defense, Rei doesn’t think twice about the deed. Thus is where their aimless escape begins…

If you've read our Ride or Die review, you know that the film is presented by default in its native Japanese. The good news if you're more in to watching foreign films with the audio dubbed in another language, you've got options. (Though we do suggest trying out subtitles so that you can actually hear the actors as the filmmaker intended.) That said, Ride or Die also is available dubbed in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and also in Japanese with descriptions. 

You've got options when it comes to subtitles, too. Ride or Die is captioned in English, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and in Japanese. 

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