Tom Swift: release date, cast, plot, and everything we know

Tom Swift is played by Tian Richards
Nancy Drew's Tom Swift is getting his own spin-off series... (Image credit: The CW)

Tom Swift is heading to the CW, and is a spin-off from legendary character Nancy Drew.

With Nancy Drew season 4 on its way, The CW has decided to greenlight a spinoff out of it. Fans were first introduced to Tom Swift in Nancy Drew season 2, when Tian Richards brought the Black, gay millionaire inventor to town. Tom came and crashed one of Nancy’s investigations, an event which Nancy interprets as supernatural and Tom believes to be cosmically paranormal. 

The series is inspired by the Tom Swift book series hailing from Stratemeyer Syndicate, which also publishes the Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Bobbsey Twins books.

Here’s everything you need to know about the supernatural drama Tom Swift as it makes its way to The CW…

Tom Swift release date

Tom Swift will premiere on Tuesday May 31 on 9p.m. on the CW, the CW has announced. The CW has still yet to announce how many episodes the show will be. But, we do know that new episodes will premiere each week. 

Tom Swift plot

Tom Swift takes on an adventure of a wealthy investor Tom Swift who finds himself in a world of scientific conspiracies and unexplained phenomena after the disappearance of his father. To find the truth, Swift travels on a quest to unravel the truth leaving behind his lavish lifestyle. While on the quest, Swift finds himself fighting to stay one step ahead of an illuminati-scale hellbent on stopping him.

The CW tease: “At home, Tom’s relationship with his mother Lorraine becomes conflicted as she urges him to take his father’s place in elite Black society,” the logline continues. “But unbeknownst to Tom, his mother’s request is driven by deep secrets of her own. 

"What’s more, the mysterious and dangerous Rowan intersects Tom’s path with hidden motivations and undeniable mutual chemistry. While Tom navigates these emotionally charged dynamics, his missions will require his genius and his flair for innovation guided by romance, friendship and the mysteries of the universe yet unsolved.” 

Tian Richards as Tom Swift and Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew

Fans of Nancy Drew's Tom Swift won't want to miss this! (Image credit: The CW)

Who’s in Tom Swift?

Tian Richards plays Tom Swift, the black gay genius billionaire looking into the finding the truth about his father's disappearance.

Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray plays Zenzi, Tom’s best friend, whose unabashed and unvarnished candor keeps him grounded while she forges a path for herself as a business visionary.

Marquise Vilsón is his bodyguard Isaac, whose fierce commitment to his chosen family is complicated by his own simmering feelings for Tom.

LeVar Burton voices Barclay, Tom’s AI, whose insights and tough love have been a constant throughout Tom’s life, Albert Mwangi is the mysterious and dangerous Rowan, who intersects Tom’s path with hidden motivations and undeniable mutual chemistry.

The Gilded Age star Ward Horton plays Congressman Nathan Eskol, a self-assured, charismatic, shrewd powerbroker and longtime friend of the Swift family. He is a respected and progressive politician with a hidden agenda that complicates Tom’s life.

Marquise Vilsón play Isaac Vega, Tom’s bodyguard who is trans, pansexual and a consummate badass. His simmering feelings for Tom will never get in the way of his duty and loyalty.

April Parker Jones plays Lorraine Swift, Tom’s mother who is a debutante royalty with a kind heart. Her relationship with Tom is close and loving until the aftermath of his father’s disappearance begins to drive a wedge between them.

Albert Mwangi plays Rowan who is a member of the security detail for a Congressman in Tom’s orbit, Rowan’s steely demeanor hides his mysterious past – and his star-crossed interest in Tom.

Is there a trailer?

Hopefully, the trailer comes out soon. Although there's nothing to watch yet on the Tom Swift trailer front, when it does arrive we will surely post it right away as we can’t wait to see the ensemble cast. 

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