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John McCririck body-shames Coleen Nolan on Celebrity Big Brother

john mccririck
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When does humiliation as entertainment become unacceptable? For many viewers, Sunday night's edition of Celebrity Big Brother was

John McCririck caused outrage on Celebrity Big Brother, when he launched insults at Coleen Nolan in a new courtroom trial-based segment.

Former CBB contestant Vanessa Feltz was the judge while John and other housemates acted as witnesses.

John’s rant at the former Loose Women star (pictured) was, for many viewers, unacceptable on national television.

coleen nolan

As a star witness, John spat: “Coleen, the last time you were in the house, you were reckoned to be the most boring, dull housemate there had ever been.

“You’ve lived up to your reputation. I’ve made allowances for the fact you’re at the time of life that is difficult for women, I fully accept that, but let us look at what you have done.

“You are unable [to give] sound counselling and advice to people who have come to you for it, instead you have been weeping and blubbing and begging for their help.

“You smoke too much, you eat too much, who are you to give advice as an agony aunt?”

Nicola McLean immediately sprung to her housemates’ defence, calling John’s comments 'vile' and telling him that he owes Coleen an apology.

For once, viewers agreed with Nic and took to Twitter to slam ‘bully’ John for his offensive comments.

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But he did have some support for his comments...

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