5 acts to watch out for in Britain's Got Talent

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TV Times goes backstage at the Dominion Theatre at the London auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, which returns to ITV this Saturday.

We’ve already spoken to the nervous acts waiting to perform and in the foyer we’ve seen everyone from an elderly drag artist to a man dressed entirely in gold (don’t ask!) practising their routines.

But it’s the official judging panel’s opinions that count and no-nonsense Simon says that one act was like watching a horror movie, while Alesha and David exchange views about a singer.

"We’ve disagreed more about who we want to put through to the lives this time. We love each other one day and want to kill each other the next, it’s like a family," Alesha, 36, tells us later. "What keeps me coming back for more is the laughs though, BGT is so much fun."

As ever though, Britain’s Got Talent is all about the talent and Simon is impressed by what he has seen this year.

"It is better than last year and more interesting, there are less people with guitars, there were a lot last year, and it feels like it has got its sparkle back," Simon says.

While we’re intrigued when we hear about a goat who played bells at an earlier audition, we can’t wait to find out more about a dog who apparently hypnotised Simon Cowell.

The acts to watch out for include....


The hip-hop dance troupe includes Lewis Platt, who some viewers will remember from last year’s X Factor, when he danced during one of sister Lauren’s performances. 

"I was the backing dancer then," says Lewis, 13. "Now it is all of us and we have lots of different styles."

"We want to do everything Diversity have done," adds fellow dancer Chaise Miller, 14.

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The Acrobattys

Bride Marshall, 43, and Karen Furness, 52 are a comedy acrobatic duo, and they previously auditioned for BGT five years ago.

"Simon buzzed us straight away," explains Karen. "I had Bride wrapped around my waist and Simon said, 'I don’t see how wearing someone like a belt could be a talent.' But we’ve been training ever since." 

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Firm friends Katie Lawrence 23, Georgie Jackson, 22, Rosie Hale, 22 and Enola Dyer, 24 perform a variety of much-loved Disney songs.

"We love Disney and we’ve watched all the films and we give the classics a modern twist," says Katie. "Amanda has two daughters so we hope she will like us."

BGT 9 London D2 Tom Dymond www.tomdymond.co.uk 00447825740400 ©Tom Dymond Not for use with out permission. Mandatory Credit - Tom Dymond

BGT 9 London D2 Tom Dymond www.tomdymond.co.uk 00447825740400 ©Tom Dymond Not for use with out permission. Mandatory Credit - Tom Dymond (Image credit: Dymond/Syco/Thames/Corbis)


Fil Straughan

Singer Fil, 47, was previously an investment banker in New York.

"I went through September 11th, my office was in the Twin Towers, but I wasn’t at work that day. It changed my life and made me decide to pursue my passion," says the singer, who has been likened to Luther Vandross.

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Tubby Boy

Upbeat rapper Tubby, 25, wants to put smiles on the judges’ faces.

"I hope David comes up to do the Robot or the Moonwalk with me," he says. "I think the Royals will love it too. Harry loves hip-hop and I’ve seen the way the Queen walks, they’re down with it!"

(Image credit: Dymond/Syco/Thames/Corbis)