Best Amazon Fire TV Mounts in 2020

Are you looking to reduce the footprint of your Amazon Fire TV box a bit? You might consider mounting it either to the back of your television or to a nearby wall. It's pretty easy to do, and there are tons of great mounts for you to choose from. Here are few of the best options to lift up that Fire TV box.

  • Best overall: HumanCentric
  • Television-anchored: TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System
  • Universal mount: Mount-It!
  • Adjustable TV: VIVO
  • Fire TV Cube: RackSolutions Quickmount
  • Most affordable: PERLESMITH Universal Streaming Mount

Perfect from every angle

If you want to mount your Fire TV device and keep your cables under control, you've got a ton of options at your disposal. Our top recommendation for anyone who doesn't have a Fire TV Cube is HumanCentric's adjustable mount . It's easy to install, sturdy, flexible, and reasonably-priced - really, everything you could possibly want in a wall mount.

If you've got a Fire TV Cube, you'll want to go with the RackSolutions Quickmount . Its unobstructed design means you won't need to worry about losing out on any functionality. As a bonus, it's really easy to install. Finally, if you're working with a restricted budget, the PERLESMITH's Universal Streaming Mount is a low-cost alternative.