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Amanda Henderson: ‘I call Amanda Mealing Wonder Woman!’

Amanda Mealing direct
Amanda Mealing changes direction (Image credit: BBC)

Amanda Henderson reveals why working with Amanda Mealing is an inspirational experience

If you’ve been missing Amanda Mealing in Casualty recently, there’s a very good reason she hasn’t been stalking the ED wards as formidable clinical lead Connie Beauchamp…

In Casualty Connie is recovering from a gruelling bout of cancer. Meanwhile, off-screen Amanda Mealing, who plays Connie, has been directing a poignant two-part special surrounding nurse Robyn Miller’s marriage to hospital porter, Glen Thomas.

Here we talked to Casualty star, Amanda Henderson, who plays lion hearted nurse Robyn. Amanda reveals why working on these two episodes with Amanda Mealing and Owain Arthur, has been a very special experience…

Amanda Henderson reveals her feelings on working with Amanda Mealing

Amanda Henderson reveals her feelings on working with Amanda Mealing (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

You’ve two very special episodes coming up in Casualty, involving Robyn and Glen’s marriage and his illness. Has it been hard work?

"These are genuinely my favourite episodes. They’re also the toughest episodes I’ve ever done, with regard to how highly emotional they are. They involved four weeks of every emotional possible…"

Are there a lot of tears?

"Yes, a lot of tears. I think I was physically dehydrated! But it was good and I fully enjoyed working with Amanda [Mealing], Owain [Arthur, who plays Glen] and the whole amazing crew."

What was it like having Amanda direct these two harrowing episodes?

"Amanda is honestly one of the greatest directors I’ve ever worked with. She worked with me in a way no other director ever had before. She pulled performances out of me that I didn’t even know that I could do. This was a tough block but working with Amanda and Owain, made it one of the best."

What is it about Amanda Mealing that makes her such a talented director?

"She’s so easy to work with. Amanda can see everything from every point-of-view – especially an actors’ point-of-view. I call her ‘Wonder Woman’ because she takes on everything at once! Amanda always says she’s ‘Wonder Why Woman!’ She’s really amazing and super talented."

Are you tempted to follow in her footsteps and work behind the camera?

"I genuinely don’t think I have the vision that Amanda has. And I don’t think I know enough. Don’t get me wrong; eventually I’d love to try my hand at directing. But at the moment I’m more [into] the make-up side."

Do you do your own make-up on Casualty?

"I do my own eyeliner. I don’t let anybody touch my eyeliner! Because I’m a redhead I’ve blonde eyelashes and eyebrows so I learned to do my eyeliner a long time ago and have it down to a fine art!"

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1

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