'Bethany's feisty, funny and naughty' warns Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon

Coronation Street newcomer Lucy Fallon says Sarah's daughter Bethany Platt is feisty, funny… and trouble!

How did Bethany get a plane ticket from Milan to Manchester?

"She used her mum Sarah's credit card. She’s bored and thinks, ‘I’m going to get on a plane and stir up some trouble in Weatherfield'."

Won’t Sarah be worried?

"Bethany doesn’t care! Her relationship with Sarah has a lot to do with why she’s run away in the first place. Bethany gets left to her own devices a lot because Sarah’s so busy with her career."

How does Bethany end up in the Rovers with Andy?

"He happens to come along just as the cab driver’s let her off the fare. Bethany gets him to carry her bags and makes him take her to the pub. She’s downing a vodka when Gail walks in!"

Bet Gail doesn’t like that!

"No. Gail’s furious she’s been bought alcohol when she’s only 14!  Gail wants to know why Bethany’s in Weatherfield and is touched when she says she wanted to see her gran. But when Gail later speaks to Sarah in Milan and finds out about Bethany doing a runner – and being expelled from school for shoplifting – she gets cross again."

What will happen next?

"Sarah will arrive in Weatherfield to try and sort things out – it’s going to get messy."

Sounds like Bethany’s quite a handful…

"She is – she’s feisty, funny and really quite a naughty girl. She’s going to cause a lot of trouble. "