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Corrie drops 'Bethany Platt' actress after claim she lied about her age

(Image credit: jomclintock)

Coronation Street has reportedly axed the actress who was going to play the returning Bethany Platt after she lied she was 19, when in fact there are suggestions she is 25.

The character of Bethany is actually 14, but Coronation Street producers had hired Katie Redford after she auditioned as a '19-year-old'.

The BBC reports that Corrie producers only became aware of the discrepancy after fans found evidence, including a CV, suggesting she was actually 25 which was then published online.

ITV announced announced today: "Coronation Street have taken the decision to recast the part of Bethany Platt."

Last week, ITV said: "Nottingham-born Katie, 19, will debut as tearaway teenager Bethany this spring when she arrives unannounced in Weatherfield from her home in Milan."

Redford herself said the role was 'a dream come true'.

"Until I'm actually on set, I genuinely don't think it will sink in that I'm joining the cast of Coronation Street," she added.

It's thought that she hadn't begun filming the role before the revelation occurred.

Corrie won't be re-auditioning for the role as they have another actress in mind already.

Bethany was last seen on Coronation Street in 2007, when she moved with mother Sarah-Louise to Italy. She is long-running character Gail McIntyre's granddaughter.

It may also mean that Tina O'Brien, who had Bethany as a teenager, could be returning to the Street as Sarah-Louise Platt.

Photo courtesy Jo McLintock/ITV