Coronation Street star Rob Mallard: Daniel Osbourne will make a shocking revelation about Steve McDonald to Tracy!

Daniel Osbourne
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Daniel Osbourne gets revenge on Tracy after he proposes to Sinead Tinker, reveals Coronation Street actor Rob Mallard

Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker and Flora McArdle… they have been an odd threesome. But these three are about to become two when Flora discovers she has been left £250,000 by her late son. It means she can afford somewhere decent to live, but before she goes, Flora leaves Danny and Sinead a parting gift…

What's the story?

"Having seen that their love is real, Flora decides to pass on a ring which is a family heirloom and that basically orchestrates the whole proposal," actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, tells Soaplife. "Daniel had considered asking Sinead to marry him when he first asked her to move in but she said it was too soon and that knocked his confidence." He’s got his confidence back but has Sinead changed her mind?

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Rob Mallard's interview with Soaplife about Daniel Osbourne's proposal in Coronation Street and how he reveals Steve's big secret...

Soaplife: So does Daniel think he and Sinead are ready for marriage?

Rob Mallard: “Daniel would still like a family of his own in the future but given where he was a year ago, he can’t believe he’s at the point he is now. Sinead is 100% the woman for him and he’s keen to seal the deal.”

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard: Daniel Osbourne will make a shocking revelation about Steve McDonald to Tracy!

Daniel pops the big question

S: How does Sinead react when Daniel asks her to marry him?

RM: “I think she’s confused as to the way it comes about. Although it’s romantic, it’s probably not the proposal either of them had imagined as Flora has orchestrated the whole thing by giving Daniel the ring. But hopefully it’s what Sinead wants.”

S: Steve McDonald then proposes to Tracy… Does Daniel feel his thunder has been stolen?

RM: “Yeah, absolutely! Daniel becomes quite petulant. Everyone is trying to be diplomatic but Daniel just wants them all to see Steve’s proposal as a sham and his as the real deal. He feels it has diluted his moment. There’s more to it than this, though.”

Steve McDonald. Michelle Connor.

Daniel will spill the beans on Michelle and Steve kissing!

S: What?

RM: “Daniel has had a run-in with Tracy. He and Tracy have never got on and he is furious when she starts lying and sucking up to the now-wealthy Flora in the hope Flora will invest in Tracy’s florists. Daniel hits back by revealing Steve kissed Michelle on Michelle’s wedding day!”

S: Oo-er… But back to Daniel and Sinead’s nuptials, are you excited by the prospect, Rob?

RM: “Very! But I can’t imagine it would be a very traditional wedding. With Sinead in charge, we’re talking something quite different!”