'Doing impressions is my first real love' says Debra Stephenson

(Image credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment)

Former Coronation Street favourite, Debra Stephenson, chats to Soaplife about her new ITV comedy show, Newzoids…

You're 'doing' the female voices in the new satirical puppet show Newzoids…

"Doing impressions is my first real love. My dad started me off. He did impressions constantly and we used to do a kind of double act for friends and family."

Who was the subject of your first impression?

"Margaret Thatcher. I'd say, 'When I become Prime Minister…' in this little six-year-old voice. Everyone laughed and that encouraged me to carry on. My first 'singing impression' was Kate Bush."

Who's your favourite celebrity to do on Newszoids?

"That's a difficult one. Jon Culshaw, who does most of the male voices on the show, loves my Olivia Colman."

Do you still do a person’s mannerisms even though that person is a puppet on the show?

"You sometimes have to do the mannerisms to get the voice across – like Davina McCall for instance. I couldn't think about doing Davina if I didn't do her mannerisms."

Do you know what she thinks of your impression?

"She loves it and can't get enough of it. Davina's happy in her own skin and knows who she is. She knows there's no malice in it."

Do you still get recognised for playing Frankie Baldwin in Corrie?

"No. I left Corrie in 2006 and it feels like a lifetime ago. I've moved twice since then, and I've had another baby, who's now eight!"

Newzoids continues on Wednesday May 6 at 9pm on ITV.