The TCL 8-Series Roku TV is at a ridiculous 50% off at Best Buy

TCL 8-series
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The TCL 8-Series is one hell of a Roku TV. And it's currently on sale for one hell of a discount at Best Buy.

The 65-inch 8-Series — normally $1,999 — can be had for just $999 (opens in new tab). And the larger 75-inch mode, which usually goes for $2,999 — is discounted to $1,499 (opens in new tab).

In other words, you can get either one of them delivered for half-off.

What makes the 8-Series so good? It's the first TCL TV to use mini-LED panels, which are even better than QLED. That means blacks will be blacker than ever before — and much closer to the true black of OLED, but without the price hike that comes with that technology.

Here's how we put things when we got our first hands-on look at the 8-Series back in August 2019:

"Mini-LED allows TCL to form a much more precise backlighting pattern, that mirrors the image on the screen. As a result, blacks are actually black. To prove this, the company put the latest Samsung QLED side-by-side with its 8-series TV and the result was the latter is able to actually turn off the LED diodes behind the black parts of the screen. Look at a Samsung QF9N QLED closely and you'll see that the black parts aren't actually black, especially when you tap on them and you can see the LED diode behind respond with a bubble-like effect. With the TCL 8-series, blacks are actually black, and when you tap the screen with your knuckle, it doesn't bubble like on other QLED devices."

So in other words, it's a great TV that's able to compete with more expensive technology.

One note, however: We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the debut of the 8-Series. That doesn't mean a refresh is imminent — and even if it is, this is still one hell of a deal. It's just something to be aware of.

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