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Here's how to earn a $5 Vudu credit by adding to your digital movie library

Vudu's offering a $5 promo credit to use toward your next purchase when you convert 10 titles using a Disc 2 Digital method through April 21. If you've never used the D2D feature on Vudu before, it's super quick, very easy, and can actually save you money on your digital purchases! If you complete all of the required D2D conversions before the end of the promo, you'll receive a code via email a day or so after it ends which can be redeemed at Vudu's website for the $5 credit.

Vudu is always the best place to find deals on digital HD movies and TV shows, which is why you'll see Thrifter posting about them every so often. The best sales on digital movies generally bring their prices down to $5 each, but by using a Disc 2 Digital method, you could get your already-owned DVD or Blu-ray movies converted into your digital collection for as low as $2 each.

There are three ways to convert one of the movies you own on DVD or Blu-ray to your digital library: in the Vudu mobile app for Android, on Vudu's mobile website for iOS devices, or by scanning the disc in your computer's CD drive using the Vudu To Go desktop program . For the first two methods, you'll want to find the main menu for the website and then click the 'Disc 2 Digital' tab. From there, Vudu will guide you through converting your films.

In short, you'll be asked to scan the UPC code on the back of your movie's case if you're using one of the mobile options. For DVDs that are scanned, you'll have the option of purchasing a digital SD copy for $2 or a digital HDX copy for $5 (as available). For Blu-rays that are scanned, you'll be able to purchase a digital HDX copy for just $2.

This offer is available to all Vudu users, whether you've converted a film before or not, so don't let this opportunity go to waste! Go find your favorite films that you still don't own digitally and start scanning before April 21 ends to ensure you'll receive the credit.