Doctor Who to stream over 500 classic episodes worldwide in special event

Doctor Who logo 2018
(Image credit: BBC)

Fans of the Time Lord have the biggest binge-watch to look forward to

Doctor Who viewers are in for a treat as it’s been confirmed Twitch will be hosting episodes from the first seven doctors.

Streamed online and starting May 29 at 7pm, hardcore fans can tune into more than 500 classic episodes from across 26 series.

Featuring the likes of William Hartnell and Sylvester McCoy, a total of eight episodes a day are going to be aired from Monday to Friday every week until July 23.

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Speaking about the event, Nick Coulter, Director of Digital Sales and Business Development at BBC Studios said: “We are constantly looking at ways to reach new audiences and make it easier for fans to engage with our most popular shows.

“Doctor Who, in particular, has a great tradition of pioneering new technologies, from early VHS all the way through to the new digital services of today.”

He continued: “Twitch is another great example of this, as a brilliant service with over 15 million active daily users, we are thrilled to be able to offer them the chance to indulge in the Classic Doctor Who series and celebrate its amazing 54 year legacy of excitement and innovation.”