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EastEnders' Lacey Turner wins three Soap Awards, but admits 'I don't do speeches!' (VIDEO)

EastEnders' Lacey Turner was the big winner at the British Soap Awards, winning Best Actress, Best Female Dramatic Performance and Best Storyline, but she revealed she doesn't do speeches!

She told What's on TV on the red carpet: "I'm very nervous... Nooo, I don't too speeches. I'm very terrible, very terrible."

She said Stacey's postpartum psychosis storyline hadn't really been difficult to play, but it was essential that it was truthful.

She said: "It wasn't difficult to play, it was quite sensitive, and we worked hard on our research to get it right. For us it's just important to get it as close to reality as possible."

On screen husband James Bye (Martin) added: "It's a time consuming process, it doesn't just start with the script , they've got to do the reaserch, then we meet a lot of people who've suffered the same sort of thing as Stacey did. In that sense it is time consuming, but the result hopefully is as close to the truth as possible."

Any chance of happiness for Martin and Stacey?

Lacey said: "Hopefully! They have promised us a bit of happiness. It would be lovely if someone was happy on Albert Square."

Watch the interview with Lacey Turner and James Bye, above. "]

Watch the British Soap Awards at 8pm on ITV on Sunday night to see if Lacey made a speech!